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Krešimir Oreški

Djembe & Drumset & Tapan & Percussion

K.O. drums.jpg

Krešimir Oreški is a percussionist, drummer and educator from Zagreb.
He is a member of numerous bands: KRIES (ethno-rock-alternative), KWAAKA AFROBEAT, EZERKI & 7/8 (Macedonian ethno), NINA KRALJIĆ trio, KILIMANJARO (west-african), TV EYE (garage r'n'r), ALLO , ALLO QUARTETTE (gipsy-swing chanchone) and DEEP HARPER (harp and percussion duo).


He also collaborates with many domestic and foreign musicians, DJs, choirs and dancers. In his long career since the 80s, he has played almost everything - from punk and new wave, rock, garage r'n'r, pop, funk, blues and alter indie music, to various ethnic music (Irish, African, Macedonian , Balkan), and gypsy swing and meditative music.


He perfected West African drumming at numerous courses and workshops of the greatest African djembe masters. As the first djembe teacher and the originator of the djembe/afro scene in these areas, since January 2001 he has been leading djembe courses, Drum Circle gatherings, Inner Drumming (Healing Rhythms) workshops, and Team building - Team drumming program for businesses and companies.


He has thousands of concerts and performances in 20 countries around the world and the same number of recorded albums. He is the author of the handbook for percussionists "DJEMBE – THE KING OF AFRICAN DRUMS" (2008) and the winner of the Porin award (for film music with the group Kries for the film "Konjanik" by B. Ivande), and the professional Status award for the best ethnic music instrumentalist in 2005.

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