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Maja Savić

Jazz / Swing / Blues / Latin Singing


Renowned jazz vocalist and vocal instructor with many years of experience and address in Paris. She has performed throughout Europe with international and Croatian ensembles at all major festivals, from duos to big bands, on large and small stages. The Brazilian project with guitarist Marco Antonio da Costa and the MS Jazz Ensemble, with which she recorded her debut "Invitation", stands out.

She led the first and only Brazilian vocal choir Bossa Banda for 6 years and organized numerous vocal workshops throughout Croatia, in Portugal and Paris.

She is the founder of the Association for the Promotion of Jazz Music and Culture JAZZart, through which she led various programs in several Zagreb jazz clubs, promoted women in jazz and organized the internationally recognized Jazz Appreciation Month.

In her holistic approach to singing and teaching, she combines various techniques and works on raising awareness of the body as an instrument, freeing the voice, resolving anxiety, and deepening the breath. She also provides professional training in the field of jazz and Brazilian music, which may include phrasing, improvisation, methods of interpretation, rhythm, jazz theory, repertoire development, with the aim of strengthening the unique style of each singer.


Areas to work on:

  • Basic scales in jazz and blues music

  • Interpretation and phrasing

  • Swing VS Latino - Rhythm, countdown, stylistic figures, etc.

  • Improvisation as a way of expression and communication with the band Brazilian styles - bossa nova and samba - rhythm, Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation, “feel”

  • Arranging songs and developing your own style

  • Communication with musicians and terminology in jazz

  • Working on the body as an instrument, breathing exercises, vocal techniques and tone creation

  • Circle songs - group improvisation, relaxation exercises and preparation for the performance

  • Mindfulness practice - how to be in the moment

  • Meditation and visualization for successful performance

  • Jazz and Blues basics

  • Brazilian styles

  • Developing your style, selecting and arranging songs and the appropriate key

  • Communication with musicians

  • Releasing the voice to sing with ease


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