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Pavle Kladarin

Double Bass & Production

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Pavle Kladarin - a young double bass player who has been tirelessly participating in various eclectic music projects for years.


After 11 years of music education at GU Elly Bašić, in which he first enrolled as a pianist and then as a theorist, in 2017 he enrolled in the study of double bass at the Music Academy in Zagreb in the class of Maria Ivelja.


During his studies he creates and participates in numerous music projects, of which the ethno band Balkalar should be mentioned, an independent project of music production "Klaada", collaboration with music diva Nina Kraljić and refreshment of the Croatian music scene - Aklea Neon.


In 2019 he joined the Zagreb Chamber Orchestra, and in 2021 the Croatian Baroque Ensemble.

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