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Petar Haluza



Violinist and violist Petar Haluza was born in Zagreb in 1977.


From the age of six, he attended the Functional School  Music Pedagogy (today "Elly Bašić" Music School) where he finished primary and secondary school. During and after his official education, he regularly participates in a number of international seminars and competitions. He has also won numerous awards and recognitions.

He enrolled at the Music Academy in Zagreb in 1995 in the class of prof. Kristijan Petrović and graduated in the class of prof. Marija Ćepulić 1999. In the same year, she was employed by the Zagreb Philharmonic, until the 2002/03 season. When he became a member of the Slovenian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra. After returning from Ljubljana in 2005, he was an employee of the orchestra of the Zagreb City Theater "Comedy".


From his childhood until today, he has been intensively involved in chamber music. He is a longtime member of the Varaždin Chamber Orchestra, the mariachi ensemble "Los Caballeros", the Zagreb Salon Ensemble and the Zagreb Salon Quartet, and is an occasional collaborator with most Zagreb ensembles and orchestras.​​

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