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Sven Markovic

Leader & violin


Sven Markovic, born in Zagreb on the best day - April 1, 1993.

At the age of seven, he enrolled in the Pavle Markovac Music School, where he began playing the violin with prof. Vesna Ružić Malpera.

In 2004 he transferred to the class of prof. Mladen Dervenkar, with whom he graduated in 2010. In the same year he enrolled at the Music Academy in Zagreb in the class of mag. art. Davor Philips and in 2015 he obtained the title of Master of Music.

With the help of his colleague Marko Mađarić, he learned about the Suzuki method and went to Belgium to study with professors Jeanne Janssens, Yoko Nijdam-Hoshino and Barbara Parham.

An important contribution to his musical and life path was the meeting with prof. Dean Melki, mag. art. Marco Graziani, prof. Jeanne Janssens and prof. Hrvoje Budak.

During his studies he gained irreplaceable experience in pedagogy through private teaching and work in the Muzički atelje.

Since 2015 he has worked as a substitute at the Pavle Markovac Music School, the Elementary Music School in Zabok and the High School of Music in Zabok, and in the private schools Zvučni planet, with Professor Hrvoje Budak and the Private Music School Iva Kuprešak. 

In 2016, he was employed at the Pregrada Music School, where he still works today.


In 2019, he founded, with his partner Monja, the House of Music and Yoga - Nilaya in his home in Olimje, Slovenia.
In 2020, his beautiful baby girl Mila was born. 

Following the example of an earlier venture, in 2022 he founded the Resonance Music Studio in the Czech Beseda, where he led the musical part of folklore for many years.  

His wish is to create a wonderful, relaxed base for musicians and other artistic souls who, with their arrival, absorb and spread positive vibrations, ie resonate love.

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