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Tomi Novak

Guitar / El. guitar / Contrabass / El. bass


Born on October 7th, 1980 in Zagreb, Croatia.

By the age of fourtheen I started to show interest in bass guitar playing and soon after hearing few acoustic blues and ragtime performances on guitar I fallen in love in this type of playing so alongside bass I started to play guitar as well.

2002, on Woody Mann's invitation I participated a Acoustic Seminar Workshop in Amsterdam (NL) where I specialized acoustic guitar playing. Next three years I attended Amsterdam workshops where I learned from master guitarists like Woody Mann, Duck Baker, Michael Langer, Lasse Johansen and Peter Finger.
In the year 2005 along with my friend and bandmate Davor Dolezal and on Woody Mann's invitation I attended a International Guitar Seminar held in New York City where I also learned from Bob Brozman, John Cephas and Rene Worst (double bass).
In the next following years I attended a guitar seminar sin Tothnes (UK) and in Revulop (Hungary).

Also I have been activly involved in etno workshops in Groznjan 2009 (CRO) and Rattvik 2010 (Sweden). I performed on some segnificant blues, etno and jazz festivals such as Citanova Blues Festival 2002 Hrvatski Jazz Sabor 2005 Liburnia Jazz Festival 2009 Ethno Festival Ohrid, Macedonia 2009 (Afion) Kastav Blues Festival 2010 Splitsko Kulturno Ljeto 2010 (RJ Backbone) Blues Ser Seine 2010, France World Blues Challenge 2011, Memphis, USA European Blues Challenge 2011, Berlin, Germany Stallet 2011, Stocholm, Sweden (Afion) Kopenhagen 2011, Sweden (Afion) Paris 2011, France (Afion) Siscia Jazz Festival 2011, Croatia (Solarship Quartet) Lepoglava Jazz Festival 2011, Croatia (Solarship Quartet) Splitsko Kulturno Ljeto 2011, Croatia (Jelena Radan) etc.

Croatian Blues Challenge 2009 – Best Guitarist
Porin 2011 - Best Blues Album (Zagorje Blues by Tomislav Goluban i Little Pigeons ForHill Blues)

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